Services - Payroll Processing

Timely and correct payroll is a must for every business. Nothing wastes time and energy more than incorrect or incomplete payroll. But paying your employees is only the beginning. There are payroll tax deposits, quarterly reports, W2's, changing tax tables, child support and garnishment orders, workman's compensation audits, unemployment audits, employee benefits. The list goes on and on.

  • Want payroll costs tracked to a job?
    We can handle it.

  • Have wait staffers that get paid different rates when they wait tables, greet customers, or tend bar?
    We can handle it.

  • Need to meet state new hire reporting requirements?
    We can handle it.

  • Need social security numbers verified?
    That's right, we can handle it.

Pro Data IV takes the hassle out of payroll. Just let us know who worked and how many hours. We'll do the rest. It's easy and simple. Whether your payroll is simple or complicated, we can handle it.