Services - Consulting

Small businesses do not have the luxury of having a large board of members making decisions for the company by majority vote. Often times, decisions need to be made quickly, but making the wrong decision can cost the company money, or worse yet, shut their doors.

Pro Data IV has decades of small business experience and select members of our staff are formally trained in counseling. Often times small businesses need consulting for a variety of needs, some of which include:

  • • Mediating the separation or removal of current business partners
  • • Arranging payment agreements with the IRS or State of Wisconsin
  • • Assessing and assisting with asset purchases or sales
  • • Evaluating new business ideas and proposals
  • • Providing small business health insurance requirements and costs
  • • Giving guidance on employees and productivity

If your small business is looking for a consulting source to optimize your chances for success, please contact us today.