Services - Accounting & Bookkeeping

Pro Data IV performs all of the functions you expect from a traditional accountant. We just do it faster for less. Financial reporting while the information is fresh not 6-8 weeks old. Answers are available online 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Pro Data IV accomplishes this by performing the day to day bookkeeping tasks. Tasks that include…

• Sales
• Accounts Payable
• Purchasing
• Payroll
• Customer Billing
• Inventory
• Job Costing
• Accounts Receivable
• Bank Reconciliation
• Employee Benefit Programs

All tasks are done away from your office. It’s like having a key employee that won’t quit, doesn't take a vacation, doesn't get sick, doesn't collect overtime or benefits, and doesn't need a desk.

Pro Data IV tailors a solution to meet your business. An analyst is assigned to your account to evaluate your needs. Your analyst works with you to design and implement a set of procedures that will function smoothly within your firm.

An “associate” is then assigned to your account. Your associate works with you just as if they were your employee. The only difference being they work away from your office. Your associate picks up and delivers material according to an agreed upon schedule. All work is done on our computers which you can access using your computer and a remote control software package. You have access to your business information when you want it .

Every month we meet with you to discuss the financial health of your business, raise concerns, bounce ideas around, and set strategies.

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